Verzelloni is a family history that has been handed down by three generations: from a small laboratory founded in 1950 by Ennio Verzelloni’s intuition with his wife Franca, to industrial production led by his sons Roberto, Tiziana, Daniela and Luca. Tradition and technology, comfort, reliability and durability. Cultured manufacturing, wise choice of materials and a strong stylistic identity: this is Verzelloni.

Verzelloni is an Italian reality that choose to have its production site in Parma and its suppliers all Made in Italy. An Italian identity value. We have been producing seating system for over 60 years and during this time we have carried and sometimes anticipated the evolution of the padded: at the beginning of the 1970s we were among the first to release the concept of removable cover, principle which is now a ” must” in the world for the high quality upholstery.

Verzelloni interprets a sober and elegant style that is attentive to contemporary needs. This philosophy translates into essential shapes and soft materials that characterize a quietly environment, transforming it into a comfortable time, a moment to live. Verzelloni world is made of quiet simplicity and good taste; informal and attentive to details.