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The handmade nabuk finishing enhances the peculiarities of each single hide. Closed imperfections, twilling, scratches, light/dark changes as well as possible marks have to be considered as typical features of such natural leathers, they even highlight the uniqueness of hides.Its special touch, with talc finish also called “velvet touch”, is obtained in tannery thanks to the use of specific pigment and superficial varnish free products.


Technical features:

  • Description: Nabuk
  • Thickness: mm 1.3-1.5
  • Type of hide: bovine
  • Origin: European
  • Tanning: chrome
  • Type of grain: natural
  • Dyeing: aniline, in barrel


  • Dry rub fastness: 50 cycles: >=3 grey scale
  • Fastness to light: >=3 blue scale
  • Tear strenght:  >=20 N
  • Flammability – Match test: No ignition
  • Flammability – Cigarette test: No ignition

Caution: the displayed colors, due to technical matters, are indicative and can be different from the original

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