Made in Italy: essence of quality

Made in Italy:
essence of quality

Verzelloni is an Italian reality that choose to have its production site in Parma and its suppliers all Made in Italy. An Italian identity value.

We have been producing seating system for over 60 years and during this time we have carried and sometimes anticipated the evolution of the padded: at the beginning of the 1970s we were among the first to release the concept of removable cover, principle which is now a ``must`` in the world for the high quality upholstery.

All activities have always been designed and realized to ensure a quality that is not limited to the individual project but express at all production stages. The suppliers selection always goes from the same principle to guarantee quality, made in Italy quality. Fabrics, leathers, wood, metals and padding selected without ever forgetting the purpose: to guarantee a durable product for the consumer and that stands out for its Savoir-faire expression.

We pay close attention to the shades and this is what a product made in Italy required: looking for beauty design through its realization. Every product is the result of a lifestyle, competence, passion.