History of a name

Verzelloni is a family history that has been handed down by two generations: from a small laboratory founded in 1950 by Ennio Verzelloni’s intuition with his wife Franca, to industrial production led by his sons Roberto, Tiziana, Daniela and Luca. Tradition and technology, comfort, reliability and durability. Cultured manufacturing, wise choice of materials and a strong stylistic identity: this is Verzelloni.

Verzelloni products are refinished by hand thanks to the opportunities offered by industry. The goal of achieving the highest quality of Made in Italy relies on the wise hands of our artisans and the advanced processing technology. Machines allow precision through which our professionals can work carefully the material and make the finished product a jewel of tailor-made quality.

“We have focused since the beginning on high quality level in all aspects of our daily business, from all the raw materials used in the production process, to the special care in realizing the coatings. The basic principles of our production are listed in the Global Quality Catalogue, a self-certification of our Made in Italy product “.

The discreet and reassuring elegance and the never-exalted beauty of collections are the strength of a long-lasting design consistency. Design and everyday life blend together and create the place to feel at home.

Rigorous respect for quality and attention to details combined with elegance and warm, discreet design makes our products perfect for the most demanding audience.

2000 – Today

Keeping up the art of good living.

Research, desire for improvement, comparison between innovation and experiance create an impeccable, distinctive stylistic path, always in balance, in search of new essentials. Each product is the result of a lifestyle, skill, and passion.