Draw Studio

DRAW is a Studio founded by Luca Martorano and Mattia Albicini based in Tuscany and South Tyrol. But it is also a concept, a brand defined around their vision of design. Their values aim at production quality, functionality, expressiveness and a composed, measured elegance.

From the very beginning their functional vision of design aimed at balancing technique and style, tradition and innovation, equally led them to coordinate projects in a wide range of fields, searching in their own country and abroad for production excellence that combine construction skills, dedication to tradition, willingness to experiment, and quality in the communication of their values. They work constantly alongside the production, they like to observe how a material is transformed into an object, they care about how this is done and by whom it is done, trying to grasp the secrets and appreciating the imperfection of their manual work. They prefer authentic materials and pure volumes, paying extreme attention to details and leaving them the role of protagonists.

DRAW is a container of projects and production experiences that are very different from each other. Despite the great differences, each work is united by the depth of research, the utmost care for the final result, the attention to the relationship between the people involved, and undoubtedly, from the first sketches to the final result, they are all fueled by a passion for drawing

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